Theology and Prayer


In this season of crisis one of our greatest gift to our communities is prayer. We have a team of intercessors from across the province praying consistently. Please join the team by emailing the 

If you need prayer, please complete this form: . We are particularly praying for Corona related issues that your local areas, churches, projects, community leaders or congregants may be facing – but know that intercessors are available for any areas of need. You can submit anonymously, or there is an option of asking someone to call back and pray with you. 


We have a broad, inter-denominational team of theological advisers who have been considering what this time of Corona Virus means for us as a Church and for our Faith. We are constantly producing new resources but here you can find all of our videos from the series “God Talk in the context of Covid-19”. Below that are further resources that other organisations have produced that we would endorse.

  • The Church’s Response to Covid-19

  • The Approaches to Understanding Covid-19

  • Covid-19’s Impact in the Church

  • A call to a collective response by the Church

  • Funerals in a Coronavirus Context

  • The Prayer Tree Project

  • The Theological Truth Detector Tool

 Tearfund’s theological resources and bible studies