• Our latest news and stories from our LEANs will soon be available on our new BLOG

  • Resources about Covid-19 are here. These include resources on what Covid-19 is, how to protect yourself, how to improve your immunity and so on. All resources have been verified for their accuracy and are available for download and can be shared with your communities to promote health and safety.

  • Info and resources for Church Leaders (both clergy and lay-leaders) involved in pastoring people during this season. 

    • Resources (webinar, documents and general info) on funerals during Covid-19 for church leaders are available here

    • Webinar and resources related to gender based violence available here.

    • Webinar and resources around pastoral care and counselling during Covid-19 available here.

    • A very broad set of resources for church leaders in a time of Covid-19 are available here.

  • Podcast available here with recordings from all webinars done for Church leaders during this season.

  • Resources for LEANs available here. These include information about what a LEAN is, summaries and recordings of webinars and other resources to support LEANs in their local areas. ​​