Local Ecumenical Action Networks are the crux of our joint response to Covid-19. These are community-level, locally initiated and organised groups that exist to serve their communities, bringing faith, hope and love in these difficult times. 

In a nutshell a LEAN is an existing network (e.g. fraternal, alliance etc.) or new group of: 

  • Inter-denominational churches (and  possibly civil society groups),

  • In a local neighbourhood or a specific village, town or community, that

  • have connected together to collaborate and provide a response to the issues faced by that community with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Each LEAN is organised at the level of local churches and their community, and is also connected to the broader network of LEANs in the province and country. This means that LEANs act locally, while also drawing on our collective experience and energy to share lessons and resources across the country. The response will therefore look different in each local network of churches. The aim is not to create a centrally controlled model. Instead, we are looking to set up a system that can collectively support many locally led church and community initiatives.


More information:

Further resources for LEANs

If you have decided that you world like to start a LEAN in your local area, please WhatsApp REGISTER to 087 153 1011