This strategy is in the process of being put together. But, in the meantime, our churches can be important information hubs for our communities. Please use information from verified sources and emphasize the importance of staying at home - especially over the next 21 days. Please use verified resources (you can use the ones we’ve collected and are in the links below) to get this information out far and wide.


Within this strategy, we are considering the role of church-based local disaster response teams in each of the 11 KZN Districts, conducting necessary training and deploying them for local emergency response action. This will play a role in supporting and staying coordinated with the district municipality disaster committees and local district coordination centres (LDCC).


Please contact us if you are doing awareness-raising work so that we can map and keep track of this.

Resources for the awareness raising

This video in Zulu can be easily shared on social media platforms - contact 0671831631 if you'd like a WhatsApp version.

These safety and prevention resources are from a range of verified sources and can be printed and given to members of your faith community or shared on social media. You can get them in a range of languages.

Hygiene & Prevention

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Church Response

A coordinated inter-denominational church response to tackle the Covid-19 Crisis, convened by the KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council.

General Information:​

Sarah Montgomery​


Relief and Hope Vouchers​

Shaun Tait


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