Advocacy and Support

Many economic and social injustices have been intensified under the context of the Covid-19 lockdown and health crisis. It is our job as the Church to speak out on these issues and to provide support where we can. We are calling on church leaders and all people of faith to:


  • Identify the economically vulnerable in your community and put in place a plan to practically support their needs over this time

  • Help members of your commuity to access government support wherever possible

  • ​Talk to business leaders, especially those of faith, and encourage acts of extreme generosity. This is not a time for putting profit first, this is a time to stretch ourselves to the maximum to protect our community as a whole.

  • Proactively ensure gender justice and avoiding gender stereotyping and stigma in Covid19.

  • Call for Government long-term economic recovery packages for affected business and non-profit sectors contributing solutions to this problem.

  • With your LEAN, connect with your local government and speak out on issues of injustice.

How has the KZNCC reached out to Government?